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Welcome to Alanod-Westlake Metal Industries, a leader in high quality metal processing and distribution

We specialize in precision processing of steel, aluminum, copper and other related materials. Whether it is sheets cut to length coils slit to width or laser welding we are experienced in handling the most difficult to process materials for demanding applications throughout a variety of markets.

At ALANOD-WESTLAKEWe stand alone in many areas:

- Experience. . .Over 30 years of successful partnership with suppliers and customers throughout a wide variety of market segments.

- Capabilities. . .precision processing capabilities including high speed coil to coil and sheet slitting, high tolerance sheeting, lamination of polyfilm and other materials to steel and aluminum. Also laser welding for solar application (fins) based on aluminium to copper, copper to copper or aluminium to aluminium.

- Innovative. . .Whether its thinking inside or out side the box, our engineering and technical staff are capable of solving the most complex product development issues.

- Integration. . . ALANOD-WESTLAKEis a fully integrated custom processor of high performance, difficult to handle thin gauge metal products. With our extensive range of equipment and processes we are the toll supplier of choice, an honor we have earned over years of dedicated reliable service 

Whether your needs are for laser welding, engineered close tolerance metallic materials or a punch pressed  part or any where in between, ALANOD-WESTLAKEoffers a unique combination of advanced materials, diverse technical skills, efficient manufacturing operations, and a history of success.  

“Important Steps to Your Final Product”